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A female in her seventies with a history of coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease presented to our hospital for dizziness, fatigue and headache. »
A man with HIV presenting with skin lesions after initiating antiretroviral therapy (ART) »
An otherwise healthy man with unrelenting headaches. »
Painful cutaneous lesions of the forearm »

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Cases of special interest from our library »
Cases of HIV infection from around the world »
Cases from the IDWeek / IDSA annual meetings »
Infections in children and adolescents »

Medical Student Cases view all »

A middle-aged man with HIV infection developed fever, a productive cough and pleuritic chest pain. »
A man in his sixties with fever, fatigue and cough with occasional sputum of 3 weeks' duration. »
A woman with a biphasic respiratory illness. »
A woman with fever, headache, and a new rash. »
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